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Main activities

We have EVS accreditation BG-2009-019.


What you need to know before going on EVS? And what you have to do!

First all the informations I received before going to Bulgaria:

You have to be between 18 and 30

You want to go abroad, outside of school or college, or even workplace.

You want to live an amazing inter cultural experience about solidarity and to acquaint new and useful skills


  • you can go from 2 to 12 months (most of the projects are 6 or 9 months)
  • in a non-lucrative organisation (association, NGO, municipality,...)
  • in an other country
  • to help the hosting organisation by realizing several activities: animation, safety of the patrimony, informations to youngsters, help people who need (in arts, multimedia, sport, ecology, ...)

We have Eurodesk point BG-028 in Kazanlak.

We have grands for youth talents "Opportunities".

We are working with Public Cherity fund in Stara Zagora region.


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