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Virtual newsletter

Virtual newsletter "The(y) volunteers"

You can browse the new online issue of “The(y) Volunteers” on the both web sites- Kazanlak info (www.kazanlak-bg.info ) and Youth development center “Mutual aid”  (www.ydcma.org). This issue contains more information and pictures…


Virtual newsletter on project "Eco future"

Youth development center “Mutual Aid” presents the newest specialized virtual newsletter on the project “Eco future” which is being realized thanks to a “Zagorka” AD donation within the framework of Donation programme “We create better future”.

All the time during the project we have been supported by Press TV – Kazanlak, Kazanlak info ((www.kazanlak-bg.info), and especially by Ivan Bonev. We have been assisted also by Nikolay Ivanov, PhD in Philosophy, author of some articles in our newsletter, as well as by Rumen Somow, who drew a special caricature for the project.

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