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YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE – MUTUAL AID: Since the end of 2004 – a current member of the association runs an investigation about the written sources of information from the past and evaluation of it/ comparison to the archeological findings in the Valley of Thracian Rulers. The final focus is to reveal the connection between the Thracian Culture and the Ancient Greek Culture, the Christianity and the significance of it for the European Civilization.
December 2004 – registration work of protected natural places/areas on the territory of the Municipality of Kazanlak.




We have organised a special fundraising campaign for different people in need as the last iniciative have been in the capital of Bulgaria and collected in the attracive way with the drum show around 1000 euro.

Realized 3 EVS project from the begin of 2010 till 2011-"Art Vision", "Ecology development development" and "Art to give". From  November  2011 we realize "A New begging" EVS project which is approved by Bulgarian NA.

We help of youth talent with trate mark registrate number 115852/23.08.2010г. in Bulgarian Patent office.

We are creators and members of the Bulgarian youth forum.


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