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The results of Eco Fest Koprinka

The organizers from YDCMA thank to all volunteers who participated in the cleaning of the lake for the fourth consecutive year. They all gathered 2.5 tons of garbage this year which was more in comparison to the quantity gathered last year due to the fact that cleaning areas were distributed in such a way as to cover a wide area around the dam lake. The calculation for the garbage gathered for four years exceeds thirteen tons. Unexpectedly the volunteers discovered and cleaned up an illegitimate dumping ground in the area of the lake’s exurb near Golyama Gjurlja. The volunteers from YDCMA appeal to the village owners not to throw their rubbish in illegitimate places. They also appeal to the Municipality of Kazanluk to put rubbish bins in the area of the dam lake which should be cleaned periodically. Volunteers took part in the cleaning of the lake’s water using kayaks and the organizers thank especially to Galin Penev for the active participation.

They put nine signboards around the lake which request people to refrain from throwing garbage away in illegitimate places. The workshops created by the volunteers in the European Volunteer Service for the “Youth in Action” Programme working in youth centres in Yambol, Shumen, Stara Zagora, Kazanluk and Sofia taught the young people how to reuse already worn – out T – shirts, how to cook Paella, how to give massages using Eco products (demonstrated by a volunteer), showed them an eco - library and presented the scouts from Pleven, Sofia and Kazanluk. The international participation in the Eco Fest included representatives from Spain, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Italy.

Everyone involved in the cleaning had fun watching the summer cinema eco movies created on the projects of YDCMA and United Avangard Artists from National Community Centre “Vazrodena Iskra – 2000” and Ivan Bonev. They also enjoyed the concerts of different rock groups: Aligatorite, Adventure, Afterdown, Inspiration, River of Flames from Kazanluk and Nova Zagora under the reserved brand of YDCMA’s “Small Scene”.

The organizers created a ground called “heavy metal ground” made out of sunken car tires which were used as seats surrounding the bonfire. Volunteers could use the ground for camping after the Fest.

The activities were carried out with the financial support of the Municipality of Kazanluk following the Youth Calendar, the assistance of the Social Mediator of the Municipality of Kazanluk, the donation of “David Holding” Joint – Stock Company and the help of BBC Cable’s ad materials.

Partner organizations of YDCMA were the National Scouts Organization of Bulgaria, Ailjak Hammock, Tourist Association “ Orlovo gnezdo – Kazanluk”, “European Initiatives Centre” in Stara Zagora, Building and Confirmation Engineering Consult “ Razlichniyat pogled”, Stara Zagora, “ Bulgarian Youth Club” Stara Zagora, Waste No More, National Community Centre “Vazrodena Iskra – 2000”, “Ideja” Yambol, “ Za teb” Varna.

The organizers express their deepest gratitude to the Bulgarian army for the participation for the second consecutive year in the events organized during the Eco Fest.

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